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"This man is the best doctor I have ever met. He saved my life with his method of homoeopathic treatment."

Welcome to Sandhar Homoeopathic Clinic in Edmonton

Practising Homoeopathy for 40 Years
Explore alternative medicine with Sandhar Homoeopathic Clinic. Located in Edmonton, our clinic has been open since 1984, welcoming patients of all ages from around the world. Dr. Sandhar offers homoeopathy services that address allergies, chronic and acute diseases, nutrition, diet, and more.

Specializing in Allergy Testing & Treatment
At Sandhar Homoeopathic Clinic, we specialize in testing and treating allergies. We provide advanced testing on allergies based on blood work. Immuno Lab Blood Printing offers information on what foods are toxic for you. Even the healthiest of foods such as soy, egg whites, and certain vegetables may be releasing toxins into your body. With our allergy testing, Sandhar Homoeopathic Clinic will help you find the source of your allergies and treat it.

Strong Reputation
Our clinic has been open since 1984 and has established a long-lasting reputation in the homoeopathic industry. We have had patients from all over the world visit our clinic for treatment. Many of our patients have remained with us for years with 3rd and 4th generations of their families seeking our homoeopathic services.

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